The Newmech Safe Area 1500 cfm Diesel Driven Compressor is suitable for use in a designated Safe Area. We have designed this machine with ease of operation and maintenance access high on our customer’s priority requirements.

The Sullair compressor package is housed in our 20ft DNV 2.7-1, CSC, ISO-certified container, this container has been designed and tested to allow stacking 6 high for shipping and 2 high while in operation to reduce deck space where required.

The Sullair Compressor and Caterpillar Engine are market-leading manufacturers in reliability and robust operation in the harshest of conditions.

This machine has been specifically designed to operate in up to 50°c ambient temperatures and has been noise attenuated to give us 91dBa @ 1 metre. Sound pressure level of 115 dB.

The compressed air output is after cooled in a separate compartment to eliminate any recirculation of hot air, the aftercooler fan has a variable speed control so cooling can be reduced or increased as required, and this also incorporates a pressurised condensate drain which can be contained in external vessel for environmentally safe disposal.

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